How to set up a start timer on subprocess?

We want to start our subprocess with a start timer which is a cycle timer that will trigger every day, but we got some error that the subprocess can’t start with a start timer. Any idea how to configure this?

the idea is we want to trigger a subprocess which able to run every day to check something, and also this is multiple sequential instance as we need run multiple times base on the number of installments.

Call activity to trigger the subprocess:

subprocess (multiple sequential instance)

Can you upload you model?

Please check the updated pic.

How is this sub-process triggered by the parent?
An embedded sub process will not be activated unless a token moves to it from the parent process flow.

Call activity, checkPTP is the above subprocess

@Niall probably wanted to say you that you need something before subprocess to start it (give token to the subprocess)

Is this possible to bring out the timer before subprocess? I mean the solution like:

If I correct understood your requirements, it should do the work.