How to setup UiPath webhooks in Camunda

Hi there,

I am hoping to use UiPath’s webhooks with Camunda. Below is the flow I am trying to achieve.

Camunda adds a queue item in UiPath → UiPath is triggered → Once the transaction is completed, Camunda receives a webhook event from UiPath.

Webhook setup in UiPath I have figured out. How do I create a webhook URL in camunda any other things that might be required?

any documents or suggestions would be much appriciated. Thanks!

Hey @Vitan,

if you ask me, that is a bit out of scope for Camunda itself.

On a high level, you would probably have to provide a publicly accessible REST endpoint that can be called from UiPath - assuming you are using UiPath Cloud. That endpoint would then need some logic to analyze the data received from UiPath (e.g., verifying the payload and extracting the event and status) and trigger whatever you want to do in your Camunda instance, e.g., via Camunda’s REST API.

There probably are a lot of options to realize this depending on your tech stack and related architecture.

Hope that helps for a start.


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