How to skip a task in camunda?

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Camunda. I have read through the documentation but cant seem to wrap my head around to if the following is possible:

Process id :
step 1: Runs a shell script and generates a text file
step 2: Kicks off Java Service task with the text file as an argument
step 3: emails confirmation of being complete

Say we want to skip step 1… but run step 2 and 3
Say we want to skip step 2 and run steps 1 and 3

for a particular instance of the process , I want to pass in the steps i want to skip.

I dont want to use the conditional model. I want it configurable/indicated at time of starting a particular instance of the model.

Thanks for the help!!

Create your skip conditions using the Conditional Gateways and then inject a variable when you start the process that determines what to do.

It could be as basic as you have 3 variables: Skip1, Skip2, and Skip3. Each be a boolean value. And just have your logic run off that.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for providing info.

This clutters the BPMN model if you are having huge number of tasks and it does not look good. Could you please suggest any other alternatives?