How to skip Camunda example BPMN files loading in Docker?


We are using Camunda Docker image:
FROM camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:tomcat-latest

When Docker is started, it loads “Invoice Receipt” BPMN file and executes some tests.
How could we skip the BPMN file loading and test running?

Thank you!

The github page for the docker image describes how to deploy without the invoice webapp.
The repo is here:

Look for the heading : "Clean Distro Without Webapps and Examples"


Thank you! It was simple. We just remove the folders what we don’t need in Dokerfile:

RUN rm -r /camunda/webapps/camunda-invoice
RUN rm -r /camunda/webapps/h2
RUN rm -r /camunda/webapps/examples