How to skip the failure instance without retry

If I want to skip a failure instance and move ahead with the process execution then is that possible in camunda. if yes please let us know how to do. Thank you

You can move the token to the next activity via the REST API by using token modification.

Hi Niall,

Could you please provide one example how to do. Thank you.


There’s an example in the docs page i liked above.

Thank you Nail,

I have tried but its not working, please let me know where I am doing wrong.

I have used endpoint to trigger is: http://localhost:8003/modification/execute (my spring boot server running with 8003 port and server running in local).

I just want to skip that “Add
Products Billing” service task (as it went into failure because of external service not available) and want to procced with further execution. Thank you in advance.


Looks like the endpoint is wrong.
have you tried adding /engine-rest to the end point like this:

Thank you very much Nail. It worked if I go with default engine name in properties file (without keeping below lines).

But when I keep different engine name like below then it is not working, please help on how to define the endpoint when we keep like below in our file.

Hi @venky1982,

you can find more details how to use the engine name in REST calls here: Overview |

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thank you Ingo,

Below are the details given in the doc:

You may prepend /engine/{name} to any of the methods (unless otherwise documented) to access another engine where {name} is the name of the process engine as returned by ProcessEngine#getName() , e.g., /engine/myEngineName/task .

I have tried all these below options without any success (my application engine name is: POMEngine with port number 5905):

Please let me know if I am missing anything. Thank you.


Hi @venky1982,

I think there is one combination left over:


Hope this helps, Ingo

Thank you so much Ingo, it worked.