How to start the Process after Deployment and then every night

I could not figure out, how to model the following Scenario:

  • The process should run as soon as I deploy the Process.
  • Then every night the Process should run again.

My attempt was to have 2 Timer Start Events, like

But that gives me:
ENGINE-09005 Could not parse BPMN process. Errors:
* multiple none start events or timer start events not supported on process definition

Is there a way to achieve this?

It is not good practice for a process to have more than one start event;

The suggestion is to start with the most usual way and start the sequence activities with intermediate events.

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@Passarela thanks for your answer. But that is not what I asked. My question is how to this - if possible with only one StartEvent of course.

BTW: The Message Start Event I use only for testing.

Hi @pme123,

Why not to have only one none start event and one every night timer start event.

And since the need to start the process once deployed is a one-time task then why not to start manually after it gets deployed.

@hassang thanks, that is what I do today. But believe me I forgot to do this a couple of times :disappointed_relieved:.
So the hope is that someone knows the trick :crossed_fingers:.