How to submit two camunda form at a time

here is my workflow:i have table with appropriate value and after sending this data to another cam form i need to show this data and check if it is well-formed here i have several case: i want to send well-formed data to one form and mal-forrmed data to another form this double submit operation doesn’t work properly , i mean ata is sent in only one . is there any solution make this task properly?
@kristin and @StephenOTT you are always helpful, do you have any idea about it?


  1. You have two cam forms in a single User Task? Please explain further

  2. Can you explain your well-formed and mal-formed data scenario further

  3. Can you explain your overall use case and dev decision logic?

Hi @StephenOTT, tahnk you for your reply
1.yes i have to submit two camform form one user task
2.well-formed data is data which have appropriate values form exmple user can see and read job id, name and it’s priority ( in my case i send job data from service and place this data in cmaunda form) if all of these data is valid than it is well-formed and mall-formed in other way
3.i want to get job data from service and if it is well form i want to send this data to the certain java class which will send messages to users and tell tham to complete job if it is well-formed data or to adjust request if it is mal-formed data

So it sounds like you are not really doing a double Submit. Or at least you should not be doing a double submit.

What you listed is two concepts:

  1. Submission of the Data which goes to a “Service” (Web Service?/Rest?) and returns a response. That response is populated into the CamForm fields. (assuming its a proper/valid response)

  2. Task Completion: This is the actual submission into camunda. Assuming this task completes, then you could pass your data into the Java class you mentioned.

So in #1 you would be doing a xhr request to your web service. This is not really CamForm API related IMO. Its just you adding a “button” that has a action to run some xhr request against your web service.

i need to make submit operation :

  1. after discovering malformed data i need to make comment on it and submit this data into second form from which i can choose gmail user (from selection tag) to which my java class will send serialized data
    2.if i don’t discover mal-formed data i can send my service response to second form where i can approve this operation and then send it to second java class which will generate certain message and send it to the gmail user

Can you provide a diagram that outlines your flow, logic, and exceptions?

do you mean bpmn file?

No, just a diagram that outlines the flow you are talking about from the steps of the form(s) to the submission, and data being moved around.

Think of it like a whiteboard diagram. Something to explain the steps and logic.

@StephenOTT i will post bpm file( with process template) without any implamentation for better
process descriprion processdescripbe _process.bpmn (11.8 KB)

Here after approved operation i can send data to plannning phase but if i wouldn’t approve data and add comment on it i can’t send it in adjust request .
in my case i can approve several job at a time or disaprove them ( i mean approve or dissapprive all) but when i have 3 job i can’t disapprove 1 job and approve others.