How to suspend a Task and not the Process Instance


We would like to know if exists an alternative to suspend a user task besides of using an external task and its lock feature, because we need to claim, unclaim, complete and suspend a task for a certain time and external tasks doesn’t fullfill all this operations. We don’t want to suspend the whole process instance, because there could be parallel tasks running and only one or some of them should be suspended (or snoozed), not the whole process instance.
Another way of understanding this issue is that we want to obtain metrics about how long a user task is taking but if that task is snoozed, that period should not be considered.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @juliov,

I don’t think it is possible to suspend tasks individually. Also, from your last paragraph I believe the engine’s suspension feature is not what you want (as there is no easy to way to link that to time). Maybe you could solve that via process variables, i.e. whenever you are suspending or activating a task, you set a task-local variable that contains the current timestamp. Then, register a task listener on event delete and complete and calculate the durations there.


did you find a solution for this?