How to sync Keycloak users into the camunda admin cockpit

Hi All,
Could you please keycloak users sync to camunda
How to sync Keycloak users int to camunda admin cockpit ?

I am able to install camunda with key cloak Successfully.
Demo Realm json file imported in the keycloak
When i launch camunda url and it is redirecting the keycalok login page successfully :
Step 1) http://localhost:8080/camunda

Step 2) I have created few users in keycloak and assigned the respective roles

Step 3) But Keycloak users not present int he camunda How to sync the keycloak users in to the camunda ?
Step 4) http://localhost:8080/camunda
Step 5) After login the keycloak user and i am getting the error as mentioned step 6.
Step 6) If user is not there in camunda i am getting the below error after login.

Context Path:


Servlet Path:

Path Info:
Query String:
Stack Trace:
java.lang.NullPointerException at

Could you please help me