How to track the execution of a workflow from start to end

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I have modeled a workflow using camunda REST API and have successfully started the workflow.
Since it has got many steps and intermediate steps it takes a lot of time to complete.
Does camunda provides any callBack functionality to check if the flow has just hit the endEvent.

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Hi @Albin_Chandy,

you could use an execution listener at the end event that you are interested in and implement the callback in the way that fits your requirements. Those listeners can be attached anywhere in the flow, so you can also track certain milestones etc…

Alternatively, you could also query the history to check if an instance completed.

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Thanks @benhoffmann,
Is it possible to have a microservice triggered at the end event just like the execution listener.


You may want to add end listener after each activity for your process definition - you can do this for all BPMNs at once at in more generic way by extending AbstractBpmnParserListener. You need to register your class and then after parsing activity, you can add end listener for each activity dynamically. This end listener can be a common class which can call any microservice with required information.