How to tun test / simulation using predefined process variables

I like to use Camunda to run many test scenarios with a variety of process variables. I guess you could call this simulation too.

For example, i would define many different orders with different order numbers, order types and other order attributes. Then I like to run all those orders through the process, mainly to test the functionality of my process definition.
These simulation/test scenarios can get pretty elaborate, so a solid method to store all the scenarios/input variables is needed. I would need a place to store all the test scenario variables and a place to see the end result (in terms of output variables) once it has executed.

I don’t need to see the token move from one process to another like with this project, I just need to see the end result (e.g. output variables at the end of the process). So it can all run in the background.

How would I do this in Camunda? What are the standard features (community or enterprise) that I could use for this?

Hi Pieter,

I think that parameterized test could be helpful in this case.
Check this example:

You can set the vars as parameters and provide different scenarios as per your needs.

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Thank you Yana,

So basically you are recommending writing custom tests.

I was hoping there were existing screens in Camunda where I could enter a collection of process parameters and run process instances with those parameters.

If I have to write something myself, I imagine I need a few main components:

  • data store (tables, xml files) where I define the test scenarios with input parameters and expected results
  • java app that loops through the test scenarios and instantiates the processes I want to test with those parameters

I’ll study the Camunda Java API more to see how I can do that best.

Hi Pieter,

We don’t have such thing.

Correct. And I think my previous post will be good approach for this.

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