How to use BPMN achieve heatmaps like us ZEEBE done?

I want to achieve the following effection by using BPMN.
Where can I refer to it from ZEEBE?
Who can help me?
Thanks a lot!

Hey @SnoopyoFifi ,

your question/post is totaly unclear for me.
Could you please clarify what do you want to achieve?

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If you are looking for something like [Camunda Optimize] - for Zeebe, there isn’t something like this for Zeebe yet.

Something like Camunda Optimize will probably be available in the future, but there is no announced roadmap.

You could roll your own with an exporter.

Thanks for the quick response.
I want to know is this requirement not been fulfilled yet? Is it just an idea?
And, Thank you for your advice.

Thank you for your quick response.
I just want to achieve the effect by using BPMN.
Is there any open source code for reference?
Thanks a lot!

As far as I know, this is an opportunity for someone to become GitHub famous by being the first to do it.

I think so!:grinning::grinning:
I am trying to realize it.
And, thank you for your advice!

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