How to use bpmn-moddle to create camunda:Map?

I know I can create a camunda:InputParameter using bpmn-moddle in the Client as follows:

  const inputParameter = moddle.create('camunda:InputParameter', {
    name: 'input',
    value: configuration,

Which ends up as:

<camunda:inputParameter name="input">
    //configuration value

How can I create the following structure instead:

<camunda:inputParameter name="input">
    <camunda:entry key="key">"String value is longer than 4K so I'm wrapping it in a map" </camunda:entry>

Can I just use wrap the configuration like:

const newConfig = 
    "<camunda:map><camunda:entry key="key">" 
    + configuration + 

Will this work?

Hello @segura2794 ,

thank you for bringing up this question. I guess this will be better answered here as it is about