How to use Call Activity step by step?

Hello everyone.

Sorry that I am just learning Camunda and maybe I have a very simple question, but could someone help me how can I link the subprocesses to their parent processes step by step? I understand that with Call Activity is great for it, but I can’t link to the processes I want to call.
Help, please, I would appreciate so much.

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Yovana S.

Hi @YovanaSurco
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If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide you can check out this video, i’ve added the time stamp where the discussion of the Call Activity is about to start. (about 15:00)

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Thanks, @Niall :grinning:
It was very usefull!! but, do you know another way to link the processes already developed to a higher level process? (if it is possible without having to use java)

@YovanaSurco In addition to @Niall’s example, you can refer these posts:

Thanks, @aravindhrs. I’ll check it out!!