How to use camunda audit history to retrieve user actions

  1. On user task “Approve Profile”, there are three action transitions. (Approved, Rejected, Cancelled).
  2. When user completed the task by taken “Approved” action. We want show the audit trail as following:

Profile Name/User Action/ Completed Date/Completed By
Test Profile/Approved/Jan 12 2020/Louis Lu

The question is how we can use Camunda out box audit history api to get this action audit?

I’m assuming that some kind of variable is create in camunda when one of the choice is made?
If so the histroy will store the information about which task the variable was created on and you can correlate the task with the variable in order to see what happened.

Got it. We will add a special Action variable to each workflow to keep tracking the user action being taken and config the value of the variable in app to meet our specific UI adult trail requirement.

Thanks for your help.

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