How to use Connectors when opting for Standalone Camunda 7 BPM Run

Hi Team,
I have opted to use Standalone Camunda 7 BPM Run for my project and have done few POCs on it.
I have a requirement to send a remainder mail once an Timer Job gets expired.
Earlier while using Embedded Camunda 7 Application, I made use of Connector “mail-send” to send mails.

Could you let me know how can this be possible when using Standalone Camunda 7 BPM Run Application. Any example to refer will be of great help.

Thanks in Advance…

Hi @Saju_John_Sebastian1,

here is an extension for Camunda Run to send or receive mails: camunda-platform-7-mail/extension/run at main · camunda-community-hub/camunda-platform-7-mail · GitHub

Have a look at the links in the readme for further details.

Hope this helps, Ingo