How to use Custom Filters in camunda 8

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I’m a beginner Earlier in camuna 7 we use to filter tasks from custom UI , using TaskQuery methods like processVariableValueEquals , processVariableValueNotEquals , processVariableValueGreaterThan , processVariableValueLessThan ,processVariableValueLike so I want to use the similar for camunda 8.5 but using TaskList client library I can only use addVariableFilter

ts = new TaskSearch().addVariableFilter(“riskLevels”, List.of(“yellow”, “yellow”)).addVariableFilter(“age”, 30);

So is it possible to filter that way in camunda 8 any leads or idea how to achieve that

Thank you in advance

Hello @Mukesh_Reddy

Thank you for tour question

Actually on Tasklist we do not support all the filters (yet) as the C7,
You can filter tasks by variables,

But not the Processes by variables at the version 8.5 at the moment.

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Hey @nathansandi Thank you for the information.

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