How to use customize (language, user-styles.css) C7 for version 7.19.0 as embedded engine (spring boot ) and camunda run?


up to now we are using C7 as embedded engine (spring boot).

We have made some customizations:

  • user-styles.css
  • custom .js-skripts
  • one additional REST Controller class (called by the .js-skripts)

For all of these customizations, we have created an own jar dependency, that put the files to the right place.
In our backend we import the additional REST controller class with the following annotation in the SpringBootApplication class.


Up to C7 7.18.0 the location for the locales, .js-skripts ect. in the customization.jar was for example


Since the folder structure for C7 7.19.0 was changed, I have to modify my “customization.jar”.

So here are my questions:

  1. Where do I have to store the locales json files or css files for 7.19? (for embedded engine and for camunda-run)
  2. When I want to use C7 in a tomcat or camunda-run, how do I have to create my customization.jar file and how do I have to implement it to get the RestController class running?

Best regards,

Hello my dear!

In this post, I explainand show a little of the folder structure in which they should be stored.

Maybe it will help you with what you need.

William Robert Alves

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