How to use equalsIgnorecase in DMN


I have an input values like CAR,BIKE etc…, now if I pass these values I am getting correct output. But if I pass like car, bike etc… it is giving null output.

is there any way to handle case-sensitive in DMN?
Please share an example.


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Hi @manish_kumar,

thank you for raising this up. The behavior is correct according to the DMN spec.

One solution is to transform the input value in the input expression into upper or lower case. Using Camunda > 7.13.0-alpha2, the input expression is JUEL by default and should be something like myInput.toUpperCase() (i.e. calling the string function on the given object).

Starting with 7.13.0-alpha2, the input expression is FEEL and you can have use the builtin-function upper case(myInput).

Does this help you?

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Hi Philipp_Ossler,

Thanks for your help.

This will get my job done

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Regular Expression may be used to ignore case, this is the built in function
matches(input, pattern, flags?)
It may be applied like this to match “BIKE”, “bike” or “Bike”
matches(?, “bike”,“i”)