How to use groovy with conditiona sequence flow?

HI ,

I am trying to use groovy script to fetch some value from SOAP response and if that value matches I want to go to one user task else go to seocond user task.
here is what I am trying in groovy:
def employeeResponse= new XmlParser().parseText(empResponse)
assert employeeResponse.empDetails.empId.text() == ‘123’

Can some one help me here how to use groovy here?

Hi @Amol23,

I would suggest you don’t do assert, but rater put normal if branching statement and assign a variable value in process based on predicate.


@amol23, groovy Asserts are not well supported at the moment. See the following as a example:

Thanks for the reply. Could you please give me some code snippet how to fetch empid from soap response using groovy as I am new to groovy . Many thanks