How to use Kibana with camunda platform

I have to. use kibana with camunda platform which way i can do it.
A) by connecting camunda platform with a postgres data base then take required data from postgres put it in elasticsearch then show in kibana.
B) directly connecting camunda platform with elastic search and then using kibana to take data from elastic search.

I don’t think (B) is a possible way.

Please explain little more the way which is preffered.
Aur let me know any other way to integrate kibana with camunda .

There is an option C: acquire a license and use Optimize.

But in general, your question is quite unspecific. What would you like to have in the end?

I know the option c. But I want to use kibana because we are using kibana already for showing information from many processes.

“What would you like in the end” means?