How to use Tasklist Filters to create a WatchList for task monitoring

In Camunda7 tasklist application we have the provision to create filters. By default we see all the tasks applicable (like ToDo List) to the logged in user.
If we need to provision a WatchList, so that some users (in WatchList) can monitor the progress on some tasks, how can we implement that using filters.
Any suggestions?

Hi @Saju_John_Sebastian1,

I think that you can’t get the Watchlist just with special filters in the Tasklist. From my experience, the Tasklist lacks too many numbers that are used to manage human work power: durations, amounts, …

Assuming the Watchlist more as a management dashboard, that you can create in Optimize starting with the Human Task Performance dashboard: Camunda Optimize 3.6.0 Released | Camunda

Also, the alerting feature in Optimize may help in that use case further.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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