How to use the user data of my database in Camunda

Hello everyone, I am a beginner of Camunda, I want to use the user data of my database in Camunda. I looked through previous posts and saw Niall’s response to this question, but I couldn’t find a specific implementation.

Is this the user of the external database specified through Modeler? Or is it implemented through a custom interface? I have certain trouble about this, can I ask who can tell me the specific implementation method? Thank you very much.

Hi @DeepDreamerLSC

As Niall writes, the user / group of user tasks are simply strings. You can use whatever you want for this.
In Modeler you can assign a task to a user from a custom DB simply by using the name, or if you need something more dynamic you can implement support for custom users in your own task list applications and then get the user tasks from the Camunda REST API and filter user tasks on the assigned user name.

Hope that helps.


Hi @mimaom
That means that the interface that assigns tasks to users needs to be written by myself, which is really one way. But if I want to reduce the workload of my code, can I do that by synchronizing the users of my own database to the Camunda database?

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