How to use variable of serialized object in DMN table

I have object:

class MyObj {
    String a;
    String b;

and added that object to camunda process:

ObjectValue myObjSerialized= Variables.objectValue(myObj)

delegateExecution.setVariable("myObj", myObj);

What is the simpliest solution to retrieve the variable a from myObj in DMN table? I guess it is not possible with Feel. Groovy needs groovy engine installed, same as python. Any ideas?

Hi @wBacz,

what did you try so far?

The variable itself should be available in the DMN decision table. Using FEEL, it should also be possible to access the properties of the object. Internally, an object is transformed into a FEEL context (i.e. a map-like structure).

Best regards,

I want to give our Camunda’s admins a possibility to edit DMN tables without editing the java code which provides input to the Camunda process. If a new variable occurs I want the DMN to have it prepared.