How waiting answer from a client

HiI’m new to Camunda.
I want to create a process that will send emails to the client and wait for an answer (time > 1-2 days).
Is it possible?
As I understand it, external task is not suitable for this.
Do I have to split the process?

@kurenchuksergey, you can use send task for sending emails and use receive task with attached interrupting boundary event which will fire the event after two days if the client not responded. You can model your bpmn something like this:


thank, and i have a question, exist some way start process from middle ? i about case, when i restart my server and try to continue my process

Hi @kurenchuksergey,

there is a possiblity: Rest endpoints are available as well:

But it should be used only on an exceptional base, as the common user expects that the process runs from start to the end.

Hope this helps.