HTTP API from local Camunda 8 process engine not requested

I have a simple process definition that requests a HTTP GET on some REST API endpoint. The process can be deployed to a local / standalone Camundo 8 process engine from the Camundo Modeler to Zeebe running in a Docker container. From the Modeler, a process instance can be started.

The one problem? The HTTP GET request does not get executed. (I’ve used the standard HTTP JSON element connector; it shows up in the Modeler correctly.)

When I deploy the same process model to a Camundo SaaS cluster, and start a process instance, the REST API gets called. So the problem is related to the local Zeebe cluster (but the process can be deployed to it, and starting a process seems to be possible without a problem being shown).


So, the main problem: calling a REST API endpoint from a Camunda 8 SaaS environment works. The same task running from a Camunda 8 self-managed environment (in Docker) doesn’t work. I can’t explain this difference. The process can be deployed correctly, and seems to be started correctly too. There’s no indication visible that something is wrong with the self-managed local environment.

In a self-managed environment, you need to install the Connectors execution side as well.


Ah, thanks for helping out (and so swiftly). I’m continuing my attempt to get it working.

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