Http://localhost:8080/camunda/ hangs doesnt show anything in the screen

Hi ,

I am using the licensed version of camunda, I started the process with rest message after the I am not able to open the tasklist in the browser

http://localhost:8080/camunda/ hangs and doesnt happen anything


Facing the Strange Problem

1)I was able to replicate the problem I started the process using the rest message, the process got started.
2) The process got started
3) restarted the server
4) followed the step1 again, it doesnt work( Getting this error The request has been aborted manually or because of the conection timeout. There were no response from the server but the connection wasn’t closed).
5) http://localhost:8080/camunda/app/tasklist/default/ doesnt open in the browser or doesnt allow to login with credentials
6) Stopped the server for 15-20 mins and then start , sometimes it work sometimes it doesnt work
7) Sometimes, when we try to login, it says session expired, Please try login again

This is happening on the camunda BPM platform v7.5.2-ee


I would try to clear your browser cache AND/OR use incognito mode in the chrome browser.

Hallo @sridhar_akella,

could you tell me how do you restart the server and which OS you are using to run it?
if you are on linux or mac os when connection hangs, could you give me the output of
sudo netstat -apn | grep 8080
ps -ef | grep java

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Hi ,

This happended today also, I am working on Windows 7 Professional, The camunda hangs for some time. Unless we stop and start the camunda cockpit or tasklist will not open


Hi @sridhar_akella

could we go over your steps again?

  1. deploy process to the server
  2. start process using REST api. Could you give us request and response that you are sending?
  3. server hangs

could you show us your process definition? Do you have a cycle there?