HTTP Webhook Connector not available on Desktop Modeler (Mac)

Dear Community

I’m using Camunda Platform 8 (self-hosted) and Camunda Desktop Modeler 5.15.0 for Mac and I’ve got a question deploying an http webhook to initiate my bpmn process.

Right now, my modeler (desktop) doesn’t contain any http webhook connector. I’ve managed to load additional element-templates but I don’t seem to find any http webhook connector to be used in a “Start Event” as described here.

I also read the following statement regarding http webhook connectors between the SaaS-Version and the self-hosted version: “The Webhooks tab is only supported in Web Modeler as part of the Camunda 8 SaaS offering. You can still use HTTP Webhook Connector in Desktop Modeler, or with your Camunda 8 Self-Managed. In that case, HTTP Webhook Connector deployments and URLs will not be displayed in Modeler.”

What does this exactly mean? Are http webhook connectors not available for a self-hosted version or how can I used it exactly if I can’t see it in the modeler?

I really appreciate any help or anyone pointing me in the right direction?

best regards, Lukas

Hi @lukasmeyeruk, welcome to the forums! If you look inside the element-templates folder (either the global folder under the Modeler install, or the local folder for your project, see here), do you have the webhook-connector-*.json files? (There are three templates available.)

Dear nathan.loding,

thanks a lot for your reply. I was missing the webhook connectors in the element-templates folder and didn’t know where to get it. Thanks to your help I could resolve the issue and copy it from the camunda connectors repository.

Kind regards, Lukas

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