Human Task chaining

Dear colleagues,

My name is Dimitrios Pavlis and I am a software engineer. My main experience is in Appian BPM, but for a new project that I participate we chose Camunda BPM. To be honest I am very glad that we did it.

We have a need to create a process that its human tasks are driven from the previous ones. Something like the attached. In Appian BPM when a human task is submitted and the next human task is assigned to the user that submitted the previous task, we have the ability to use a functionality called “Activity Chaining” and the user will experience something like form-wizard.

Is the above applicable to Camunda? If the user is the assignee also of a next task , is there a way not to force him navigate to his task list in order to accept new task and show him the task the exact moment after hιs submission?

Hi @DPavlis
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Achieving this really only depends on how you implement your front end, it’s pretty easy and would go something like this:

Complete task via the Rest API and wait for response
If successful, immediately query for available tasks for the user in question.
If there is a task for them you’ll get the task object and render the front end for it.

But because i like to answer questions with process models…

Hope that helps.

The Camunda Tasklist also shows a small notification if a next task is assigned to the same user in the process instance right after. This is implemented that same way. You should be able to easily try this out.

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Thank you very much! I will try it,

I really like it. The problem is that our front end developers will have work to do! Modeling in Camunda is soooo easy. For me coming from BPM industry is like riding a bicycle. Thank you for your answer.

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