Human task form in Camunda 7 as a JSON

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to get via REST a human task form, created and deployed by modeler, in JSON format?
I would like to get and display this form in an angular 13 application. For now when I’m trying to use Task api i can only get form key or form rendered within engine.
I’m looking forward for your replies.

Hi @olszewskia and welcome to the forum,

Yes, you can get the JSON via GET Deployed Form:

If you’re rendering it yourself, make sure that you check out form-js:

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I’m sorry but this is not what I’ve meant. Is it possible to obtain form as a JSON? When you click JSON button in modeler you can get your form as JSON.

Yes. Let’s clarify some prerequisites:

  1. You have deployed the process and the form
  2. You have a user task (referencing a form)
  3. You have an instance of that task

Using the Get deployed form REST call will return exactly the JSON that you can see in the modeler:

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Ahhhh, you’re completely right :slight_smile:
Thank you for a really quick and precise reply.
Have a great day!