I am getting slow response in camunda forum

I am getting very slow response in camunda forum. is there any alternative for this?

What exactly do you mean, the time in which the site loads or in which people respond to your questions?

I have project dead line going on and I am new to this technology. I am not selecting any specific people to be answered.I am having sleep less nights. the response in camunda forum is very slow. it isnot suitable for our project dead line. is there any alternative for us?

Can i call camunda support guys to find out for solutions?

You can buy consulting and/or an enterprise subscription here:

Please keep in mind this forum is a free offering, so it does not have any guaranteed response times.


let me know is there any specific time to work in this forum. i can do that too

There are also plenty of Camunda partners, maybe some of which operate in your timezone: https://camunda.com/partners/si/

Can i contact them for help?

Iā€™m pretty sure. You can find their website links in the detailed descriptions.