I can't complete the basic bpmn 2.0 example

hello everybody,

i’m moving my first steps with Camunda, i still can’t successfully run the Get started with Camunda and BPMN 2.0 tutorial.
i’m stuck at the “deploy and test” section, subsection “Work on the Task”.
The BPM keeps telling me that there is no diagram available. Plus the Task description looks incomplete… Any hint?

You can download the demo project, including a screenshot, at the following link:

Do you see the diagram if you log in as Demo?
It’s possible the authorization doesn’t show the model for the user john

Yes i can see the diagram with the demo/demo account. I think i configured john correctly, under “Process Definition Authorizations” i have ALLOW john ALL approve-loan, and under “Process Instance Authorizations” i have ALLOW john CREATE * , as described in the tutorial.