I want to compare 2 dates

i want to compare two dates in DMN for below scenario. can anyone help me?


  1. I am getting two dates as input Date 1, Date 2.
  2. I want to compare Date 1 with Date 2 (Eg: Date 1: 12/01/1980, Date 2: 12/01/2000)
  3. Get the result as, whether Date1 is 18years greater than Date2 or not.

See date docs and links to comparison operators https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.8/reference/dmn11/feel/data-types/#date

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@StephenOTT Hi Stephen! Can you please elaborate on this post? I looked at the operators and Iā€™m still really confused on how I can compare the two within the DMN table