I want to get the list of available tasks from Zeebe

Hi all, I want to be able to get the list of tasks that are available using the zeebe client for C#, but I have not been able to do it, I’m afraid I think there is no way to do it, unless you use the TaskList API.

I am building an interoperability module with Zeebe and I don’t want to add another connection, but keep only connection with the Zeebe engine.

To be more specific with my concern, is it possible to do all the operations that are required in instances of processes, tasks or variables, using the API in gRPC of Zeebe?

Operations such as:
Get all the tasks,
Get task by id,
Assign tasks to a user
Filter tasks,
Start a process,
Deploy a process
Complete tasks,
Get variables from a process instance

All possible operations to interoperate.

Hi @Yeferson_Yuberley_Gu, welcome to the forums! No, you cannot perform all of those actions via the Zeebe API. All of the gRPC commands are documented here.

Thank you very much @nathan.loding for your answer, the confusion was because I was reading about a new feature in the Zeebe engine, an implementation of a new REST API, where they propose to update the Zeebe API with endpoints dedicated to user task management, a kind of migration from the Tasklist API to the Zeebe API.

I found it in the following post: Camunda API Optimization: creating a Zeebe REST API

Does that mean that the actions I named in my initial question, for the moment cannot be done in the Zeebe API, but can be done later on?

There’s this article where I give practical examples on how to get the task list, take a look: Uncomplicating communication via API in Camunda 8 Self-managed using Postman or Insomnia | by Domingos Dias | Mar, 2024 | Medium

Hola @Domingos_Dias muchas gracias por tu aporte, está muy detallado el articulo para conocer el entorno, aunque mi intención es evitar usar la API de Tasklist y usar por completo la API de Zeebe (para funciones como Get all the tasks, Assign tasks to a user, Complete tasks, List Taks).

Pero como comenté en me respuesta anterior, creo que saldrá estas funcionalidades para mas adelante.

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Well, at the moment it is possible to do a lot of things using Zeebe’s API, but not everything you need.

Hi @Yeferson_Yuberley_Gu - we are migrating the gRPC API to a REST API for Zeebe, and in a future release we will have a unified API surface across all the products. However, that does not mean Zeebe itself is capable of performing all those actions; many of those actions are enabled by the rest of the Camunda stack.

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In the future, you can connect only to the unified Camunda 8 REST API to manage and query process entities. Zeebe itself will be responsible for entity management and GET calls, but query (POST) endpoints will connect to the data layer to respond.

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