I want to upgrade PostgreSQL from 11.20 to 13.11

I am using version 7.12.6 of camunda and PostgreSQL version 11.20,
I want to upgrade PostgreSQL from 11.20 to 13.11, do I need to upgrade camunda version also or with 7.12.6 is ok.
If using camunda 7.12.6 I could upgrade PostgreSQL then how to do this.

Hello my friend!
Below you can check the postgres versions compatible with Camunda 7.12.

Therefore, you will need to update your version of Camunda as well.

I hope this helps!

William Robert Alves

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Thanks @WilliamR.Alves ,
I have read that docs, but on Google someone is saying camunda 7.12 supports PostgreSQL 13, So just want to confirm.
No issue will update Camunda version.

So my friend…

Personally, for production environments… I wouldn’t trust anything that wasn’t in Camunda’s official documentation.

I just found an old post here on the forum, in which a Camunda contributor informs that Camunda’s Roadmap did not support Postgres 12 for Camunda 7.12… in your case you need an even more current version than this one (Postgres 13).

But that doesn’t mean it won’t work…

So it’s like I said above… I wouldn’t… but it’s at your own risk.

Link to this post below:

William Robert Alves


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