IAM sdk dependency artifact repository


in our project, we’re using optimize in a spring boot application. While updating to 3.7, we’re facing this error: ‘Cannot resolve io.camunda:camunda-cloud-iam-sdk:pom:1.3.0’. We’ve checked our repositories (nexus/artifactory) and credentials and everything seems ok. Can you help? Where is this dependency available?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Daniel_Dourado !
Apologies for the late reply. I have checked with our teams internally, this dependency is in the shared-services repository and we’ve noticed that customers currently cannot access the IAM 1.2.x and 1.3.x artifacts. We’ve requested to adjust permissions so that customers can access this repository. I will let you know when this has been adjusted!

Hi again @Daniel_Dourado, you should now have access to the shared-services repo in artifactory. Let me know if you experience any further issues!

Thanks for the reply…didn’t test it yet, but I’ve already seeen it in the shared-services repo.