Idea for a new extension: database setup/migration (flyway, liquibase)


my PR was accepted. Now database setup is decoupled from engine setup, meaning we can “plug-in” a different db-setup mechanism if we want to. Please check the link, wont elaborate for now.

Question: I already started with a camunda-bpm-flyway extenssion a while ago ( ) and would continue to use a 7.6. snapshot leveraging the new found freedom of choice.

However: It might be a good idea to come up with a camunda-bpm-database extension that has sub-modules for liquibase and flyway and rmains open for other technologies.

Who would use an extension for db setup on engine creation? Which frameworks would you like? What would a good name be? Who would like to join me? Who would like to sponsor?

So many questions … thank good you have a few days off thinking about it. I expect your feedback on tuesday :slight_smile:


Hi @jangalinski,

may be rolling update would be also a good use case for that.


Sorry, brain may be in week-end mode, but I don’t get the comment … but maybe I am biased … I would never use any other db-update setting than “false” in production … haveing a flyway/liquibase setup would mainly influence setting up new systems imho, like test/i-test, microservice/swarm etc. How would you build a production migration on engine-build level?

Thanks for the interest, though! Did not want to sound harsh … the “camunda sponsor” seat is still open :slight_smile:

No worries, as I understand, there is cli, which would allow such a use case

if you have multiple tenants with separate databases\schema’s I assume that it could be really useful. The question is only if it would be used in reality if person who executes is conservative.


I would like to use rolling migrations as part of camunda itself, since i run pretty small shared camunda instances in my kubernetes cluster. I just want to update the image to the latest version and thats it.

Is there any progress to support rolling db migrations anywhere?

I modified the current docker image in a try to run flyway cli before startup and do migrations, but native support by camunda would be even better.