Identify Hardware resources when hosting Camunda's Docker installation on AWS Fargate


We are trying to identify the hardware requirements, in order to Deploy Camunda Workflow Engine to AWS. Our plan is to use Camunda’s Docker image running on AWS Fargate service.

According to the Calculation provided here, for execution of 300 000 processes per month, “small server” is sufficient. According to this one, small server should have e.g. 1-2 CPU, 1-8 GB RAM.

My question here is how we can translate this configuration: 1-2 CPU, 1-8GB RAM into AWS Fargate’s resources, where we do not have physical CPU cores, but VPCUs?
What would be the recommendation for physical hardware translate to AWS virtual resources, for example, does 1CPU is the same with 1VPCU?

According to Camunda’s best practices, we also plan to have two instances (Fargate tasks) running at the same time, for higher availability. What factors have the most affect of resource utilization? Is there anything specific we should be aware of and monitor it, in order to auto-scale?


This is basically AWS question how to map VCPU to core CPU(on premise). here is the thread which maps VCPU to CPU.

Based on that you can choose your requirement.