Identity white page issue

Hi Team ,Kindly help to resolve my issue …
In identity user credentials entry prompt page is opening through the browser but when entered the credentials it’s giving the white blank page not the expected one…

I was tried to run default setup with ingress enabled
My setup info :
Ingress enabled …
/etc/hosts content camunda-platform zeebe.camunda-platform
Used nfs-storageclass …
Certficates → created using ca issuer in cert manager …

[root@linux default]# k get cert
NAME                READY   SECRET                    AGE
camunda-host-cert   True    camundahost-cert-secret   26h
zeebe-pod-cert      True    zeebe-cert-secret         26h

My modified entries in values.yaml file:

     68   ingress:
     70     enabled: true  #combined ingress globally enabled ..
     72     className: nginx
     80     host: "camunda-platform"
     84     tls:
     86       enabled: true
     88       secretName: camundahost-cert-secret
    182       contextPath: "/auth"
    215       publicIssuerUrl: "https://camunda-platform/auth/realms/camunda-platform"
    237         redirectUrl: "https://camunda-platform/identity"
    257         redirectUrl: "https://camunda-platform/operate"
    271         redirectUrl: "https://camunda-platform/tasklist"
    285         redirectUrl: "https://camunda-platform/optimize"
    298         redirectUrl: "https://camunda-platform/modeler"
    308         redirectUrl: "https://camunda-platform/console"
    689   pvcStorageClassName: nfs-storageclass
    1064   ingress:
    1065     grpc:
    1067       enabled: true
    1069       className: nginx
    1081       path: /
    1086       host: "zeebe.camunda-platform"
    1088       tls:
    1090         enabled: true
    1092         secretName: zeebe-cert-secret
    1124   contextPath: "/zeebe"
    1163   contextPath: "/operate"
    1388   contextPath: "/tasklist"
    1632   contextPath: "/optimize"
    1878   fullURL: "https://camunda-platform/identity"
    1885   contextPath: "/identity"
    3003   contextPath: "/connectors"
[root@linux default]# k get po
NAME                                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS     AGE
camunda-connectors-68dcdb9f85-j7bxj      1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-elasticsearch-master-0           1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-elasticsearch-master-1           1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-identity-7b9f458559-4bqhf        1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-keycloak-0                       1/1     Running   0            111m
camunda-operate-6f8d797697-s9hmq         1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-optimize-69c5766469-dp9d8        1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-postgresql-0                     1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-tasklist-c45998474-54925         1/1     Running   0            5h56m
camunda-zeebe-0                          1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-zeebe-1                          1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-zeebe-2                          1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-zeebe-gateway-769d449694-4cx64   1/1     Running   0            6h9m
camunda-zeebe-gateway-769d449694-mzlsp   1/1     Running   0            6h9m

All the pods were running and i could able to connect through the browser using the urls(https) except identity …

Helm status info

Default user and password: "demo/demo"
## Combined Ingress
- Keycloak Authentication: https://camunda-platform/auth
- Web Applications:

  - Identity: https://camunda-platform/identity
  - Operate: https://camunda-platform/operate
  - Optimize: https://camunda-platform/optimize
  - Tasklist: https://camunda-platform/tasklist

In identity pod i got logs like below request failed with status code '400' and body '{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"Invalid token issuer. Expected 'http://camunda-keycloak/auth/realms/camunda-platform'"}'

If i change publicIssuerUrl: “http://camunda-platform/auth/realms/camunda-platform” the invalid token error is not coming in identity pod …Still after given the identity credentials in the browser -->blank white page only appeared …


thanks for posting this. I have the same issue for my setup in k8s.

May I ask if you were able to solve it?



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use Firefox browser it will let you access identity …

Just found out it is related to access token expiry, and the following token refresh. For my setup when I disable the use of refresh tokens in keycloak, I don’t see the issue again.
Nonetheless, the frontend now tells me that my login is expired, and I get redirected to my IdP again for re-auth. Which makes sense, because if refresh tokens aren’t used anymore, I need to manually re-authenticate.
In my case not so much of an issue, since this is an SSO and I remain logged in with my IdP.

okay bro …I am unable to connect zeebe with desktop modeler ?have you faced this