Import Bizagi Modeling

I’m new to Camunda. I’ve been using Bizagi in process modeling. In order to use camunda I would like to know how to import bizagi modeling for camunda

Bizagi or Camunda uses BMPN 2.0 modelling standard so it should be straight forward

Yup, just export the model to BPMN 2.0 and open it with Camunda’s modeler or with

Hello, I am having an issue with the import and was wondering if anyone has been through that…
I exported the BPMN bizagi file, but when I opened it with Camunda, there were some distortions.

Is there a way to correct it? Mainly the problems with the lane name sizes and the weird space on the right side of the pool (second picture).

I already downloaded the “bpmn-js Resize Tasks Plugin” that can help fit the long task names.