Import Bpmn to engine at runtime

Hi experts, i m kind of a newbie to bpmn and usually i design a bpmn using a modeler and build everything then execute.
Now i m wondering if there is way for bpmn engine to import bpmns at runtime ? so i won’t need to build every time to import new bpmn.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Harry_Huang,

Do you want to update the BPMN of a running Process or create a new Process Definition?

The later can be done using the deployment API, e.g. in the Modeler or directly in the REST API. This will also create new Versions if you update an existing Process Definition. However, running processes won’t be migrated and still have the Version they were started with.

I hope this helps

Hi @Harry_Huang,

you can use this process:

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thanks ! that’s just what i was looking for !