Import of (updated) bpmn 2 models from Camunda 7 to Sparx Enterprise Architect

I have started working on a project where I am modelling a very complex process in second level detail (as a basis for the development team). Then we will make it into a WF engine - third level, which will run very complex SW. It was decided that the WF engine will run on version 7.0. The whole complex process still needs to be worked out to the maximum detail in Sparx Enterprise Architect. I am having great difficulty with this. I want (need) to continue the BPMN modelling in Camunda 7. Importing into EA is possible, but if I want to re-import a file that has already been imported once (due to an update) and to which there are already links e.g. to business objects in EA, this is not possible. Only the initial import can be done, the update of the diagram can’t (it doesn’t update, it just imports as a new version). If we were to solve bpmn the other way around in EA and then import into Camunda, there are again a number of problems. Can you advise me? Do you have any experience with this? Just for information, Camunda runs on company servers (not online) due to the fact that it is a strategic state company.

Hi @Tomas_Rumisek,

I would stick to modeling actively in the Camunda Modeler and only upload the completed BPMN file to Enterprise Architect for documentation.

Some tools keep the BPMN structure as specified, some do not. The Model interchange working group from the OMG tracks it on a yearly demo:

Hope this helps, Ingo