Important Update: Camunda 7 Community Edition End of Life Announced

Hi folks - We previously announced that the last feature release of Camunda 7 will happen in Oct 2025. We have been getting questions about the future of Camunda 7 Community Edition (CE) beyond that release, so we wanted to provide the following clarification:

  • Camunda 7 CE will EOL (end of life) in October 2025 with a final release (v7.24) happening on Oct 14, 2025.

  • There will be no more Camunda 7 CE releases after that date and the GitHub repo will be archived. The code will still be available, but we’ll close all issues and pull requests, and update the README to reflect the EOL status.

  • We’ll also tag the repo as deprecated and adjust the artifact descriptions on Maven Central in order to alert anyone who uses C7CE as a dependency in Maven that the project will no longer be maintained.

  • Camunda 7 Enterprise Edition (EE) customers will continue to get patch releases (security patches & bug fixes) on a rolling basis.

If you have not yet migrated to Camunda 8, we strongly recommend that you start that process now.

However, if you need to maintain access to bug fixes or security patches for Camunda 7 after Oct 2025, you have these options:

The entire Camunda Community has thrived thanks to your contributions over the years, both to the core product as well as in the form of community extensions, extensive feedback, and world-class content. Now, we’re looking forward to working with you on what’s next, to continue our amazing journey together, and to automate any process, anywhere!

Mary Thengvall, Director of Developer Relations


Will the patch releases for Camunda 7 Enterprise Edition after October 2025 include support for future Spring releases as well (as part of the security patches)?

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Sorry for the delayed response, Matthias – great question. I’m looking into this for you and hope to have an answer shortly!

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Hi @Matthias - we are planning to support new versions of Spring Boot with the patches!