Imported with 2 warnings


I use Camunda Modeler version 3.3.4.
I copy a service task, a boundary event task with it and a user task connected to boundary event and the service task.
When I save and close and reopen the file, I get below warnings.

[FOLDER_NAME\src\main\resources\bpmn\AddOn\AddOn_Installation.bpmn] missing <bpmn:BoundaryEvent id=“BoundaryEvent_0n9e8l2” />#attachedToRef [ warning ]

[FOLDER_NAME\src\main\resources\bpmn\AddOn\AddOn_Installation.bpmn] element <bpmn:BoundaryEvent id=“BoundaryEvent_0n9e8l2” /> referenced by <bpmn:SequenceFlow id=“SequenceFlow_0hi7czu” />#sourceRef not yet drawn [ warning ]

When I just copy service task with boundary event and save, close and reopen.
I get this warning. And boundary event is gone.

[FOLDER_NAME\src\main\resources\bpmn\AddOn\AddOn_Installation.bpmn] missing <bpmn:BoundaryEvent id=“BoundaryEvent_1wbuz7x” />#attachedToRef [ warning ]

@stikic Hi, and the questions is? Sometimes it is better design things again. e.g for me messageIds when copied usually dont have their former messageIDs.

This is a bug. We’ve created an issue for it and will fix it:

I also faced the same issue on Windows based camunda modeller like “sourceref not drawn” or “outgoing sequence not connected to the source ref” if I delete and add new sequence flow for outgoing sequence to activity, so I recreated the model.