Improve your BPMN skills with our free BPMN mentorship program

We are looking for community members who are interested in receiving free mentorship on BPMN-related topics from BPMN experts. We will pair you with a BPMN expert who will message you one-on-one here on the forum for a month-long, asynchronous mentorship program.

As a mentee, you will receive:

  • Answers to all your BPMN-related questions
  • Feedback on your BPMN processes regarding modeling best practices
  • Guidance on how to improve your BPMN skills from intermediate to expert level

There are only two requirements to apply:

  • You completed the Camunda Academy BPMN 2.0 course (
  • You are involved in an ongoing Camunda 7 or Camunda 8 project (your own project or in a professional setting)

If you are interested in joining, please send me a DM answering the following questions:

  • When did you complete the BPMN 2.0 course? (roughly)
  • Do you work on a project by yourself or in a professional setting?
  • What do you expect to gain from the BPMN mentorship program?

We have a limited number of slots, so apply soon! I will update this post when we no longer have any slots available.

This is our first time trying something like this, so your feedback is much appreciated and helps shape the future of our programs. Thank you!


Great after a long time, response button is enabled. As an enterprise customer, we tried asking some questions when we planned to move to 8. Only through jira we got answers, since forum not allowed me (personal id to dig into our issues, felt a kind of discrimination.
Let be open to forums and discussions. Not all are equally expert or knowledgeable is a prime factor for discussions.
I would like to have this opportunity, so a better one to one communication to get experience and expertise, as well ask our implementation doubts too.
Thank you if you provide me the opportunity.