Improving Camunda BPM with Telemetry

Hi Community Folk,

For the past few releases of the Camunda Modeler we’ve been getting pseudonymized data from users who have decided to opt in to sending usage data.

This has helped us understand really important information that enables us plan features for new releases. For instance, we learned that the most popular modeler plugins are in fact the Token Simulation and the BPMN Linting Plugin.

For the next Camunda BPM release (7.14.0) we’re going to implement telemetry in order to find out more about your user experience. It will help us understand what environments to support and which features deserve some time spent improving. We hope this will really positive impact the community and intend to regularly share helpful parts of this data with you to ensure you’ve got all the information you need when making choices around your Camunda architecture.

This will be turned off be default but obviously we’re really interested in hearing from you about how you feel about this addition - please let us know you thoughts.

  • I would be happy to send usage data
  • I would only send data if i get some benefit from it
  • I would never want to send usage data.

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