In a Spring application with custom forms, are User Task useless?

I started to do a very simple process. It’s a process with an User Task, get_numbers, that gets 2 numbers, a Service Task that adds them, and a User Task that displays the result. Very dumb.

I created the custom form that takes two numbers as input. It calls the method submit() of the relative Controller. I thought that the method should start the task get_numbers, and the User Task should have an expression that calls ${taskService.get2Numbers()}.

But the problem is: taskService.get2Numbers() where get the numbers?

I thought that submit(), after starting the task, should add the two numbers to the process variables. But since this is exactly my goal, taskService.get2Numbers() have no need to be called. But at this point, also the task itself needs not to be called. The fact that submit() adds the numbers to the process variables is sufficient.

So, what’s the purpose of User Tasks with custom forms? Is there something that I’m missing?

I mean, probably the unique purpose of the User Task is that it breaks the flux until the two numbers are set, so the Service Task does not start before the numbers are set.

But at this point I does not need a specific task, since the values are set by Spring directly. I can call it simply “Wait for input”, or “Wait for it”…

Please, this is really important to me. I don’t think my company will accept such a solution…