In Camunda 8 where do I find the key of a process definition in order to be deleted using DeleteResource RPC in Zeebe gRPC API

Beginner here. I have a test bpmn deployed. I have containers for Zeebe, Operate, Tasklist and Elasticsearch. I am trying to delete a process from Zeebe using the gRPC API. According to this in order to call the DeleteResource rpc you need to have the key of the process definition. However, I searched inside Operate, both by using the UI and the REST API and I couldn’t find where it is located. I could only locate the process instance key, which is different from what I need.

Where exactly is located the key of a process definition? It should be an int64 number.

Hi @stefanRabo
There are a few approaches of getting process definition IDs.
For example, if you know the process instance ID you can get a process definition id with the following rest call: Get process instance by key | Camunda 8 Docs or you can search it with search process definition API call Search process definitions | Camunda 8 Docs

Hope it helps.

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