In Camunda Platform 8,Is there a ready-to-use Tasklist API (GraphQL) Using Java Client?

Hello Camunda Team.

Tasklist API (GraphQL), Is there a ready-to-use Spring Boot framework or Java 8 solution for querying, claiming, or completing user tasks?

For Camunda 8, I saw one reference here with NestJs.

Please assist me, If any java client or example. available

There was a really nice blog post written by @Hafflgav on this topic.
You can read it here: Getting Started with Camunda Platform 8’s GraphQL API - Camunda

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Hello @ramakrishnan707 ,

there is a nice project: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/camunda-tasklist-client-java: Java client for the Tasklist API of Camunda Platform 8

I hope this helps


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