Inbound and Outbound Connectors: "Woah, it's so easy!" | Camunda Community Podcast S5E1

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S5E1: Inbound and Outbound Connectors: “Woah, it’s so easy!”

The newest episode of the Camunda Community Podcast is here! This month, we’re diving into Connectors with Senior Product Manager @bastiankoerber.

Listen as Bastian and Senior Technical Community Builder Mia Moore (that’s me, @miamoore!) discuss Outbound and Inbound Connectors, their architectural differences, and examples of how they can be used to build better processes. You’ll also find out what made Bastian say, “Woah! It’s so easy!” and why he calls Inbound Connectors “game-changers.”

Now, we want to hear from you! Are you using and/or building your own Connectors? We want to know! Share in this thread and let’s see the power of community in action. We might even share some of your replies in an upcoming episode!

Episode Notes

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